The Need and Remedy

The Need

Tribals and Dalits together constitute twenty five percentage of India’s vast population. Most of them are very poor and inhabit the remote villages and tribal settlements. For centuries they have been victims of stark exploitation and blatant oppression. Central and state governments together with many N.G.O s have been attempting their best to improve their conditions in different ways. But the poor remains poor since majority of them are uneducated and trapped under the chain of exploitation and age old superstitions prevailing in their society. Reservation benefits granted to these communities, are often monopolized by their own creamy layer and the vast majority still remain abjectly poor and downtrodden. The rampant attack of deadly diseases like Malaria and sickle cell anemia add more woes to the tragic lot of these communities.

The Remedy

The only way to redeem these communities from the said predicament is to educate them properly in an effective manner. As the character and culture of the elder generation are already formed, any radical change in them is not possible. Hence efforts are to be started with the young generation. Since school facilities are not available in these remote villages, children are to be adopted from these places and educated in schools where they are available. This necessitates providing sufficient number of hostels for them near the existing schools.

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